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Considering Boardwalk for your HOA management? As a former employee, here are some questions i encourage you to ask.

1. What is your community manager turnover rate? A good follow up to that being: Can you confidently explain your turnover rate for community managers? 2.

Do you have policies and procedures in place to ensure consistent services and can you show me these resources. (Remember to ask to see these resources that you will be told are in place) 3. Ask the business owner how many days a week he shows up on time. Just plain and simple, lead by example, care about your business kind of thing...

Do you show up on time more often than not. Ask him to look you in the eye as he answers it... 4. Ask the business manager how many days a week she works and how available she is.

Then try to reach her by phone. 5. Ask the business owner if he has ever solicited reviews from customers in a selective manner to boost his online reviews. And if you're still considering working with them, try to call and get in touch with any community manager...

If you do get to a community manager, ask them these questions. 1. How long have you worked for Boardwalk Association Management. 2.

What experience do you have in Managing Homeowners Associations? 3. Were you given proper training and clearly available resources to use for your job? Listen for the pause as they come up with an answer.

4. Do you feel your workload is manageable and are you able to provide the level of service you feel the company is advertising? Again, listen for the pause as they come up with an answer or better yet, ask to speak to them in person.

5. Do you feel that “sales” is selling the same product that you are able to deliver given the resources and workload at hand?

I didn't like: Overworked, Disorganized, Unsupported.

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Nampa, Idaho, United States #1326238

I would like to begin by being fully transparent: Nate was unfortunately fired from Boardwalk. It's never easy to fire an employee, and this situation was no different.

That said, I don't believe that it's fair or professional to go into more detail about the termination.

However, I do think it's fair (and encouraged!) for perspective clients to ask the questions listed here. They are a nice compilation for any HOA Board. And we love to work with communities that ask questions.

At Boardwalk we have a job that can at times be challenging. We partner with HOAs to solve difficult, often conflict-filled issues by acting firmly but fairly to collectively protect the home values of our clients. We are always happy to educate clients on how we operate our business--showing them our day-to-day operations, giving them a live tour of our office to meet our amazing team, and demonstrating the processes that make the machine run efficiently. We believe that when our clients have a deeper understanding of how our operations work, they will feel more like a part of the team.

We are proud of the fact that that we have consistently produced a desirable product for a great price, and because of this we saw 40% growth last year. It was an amazing year, and we came out on the other side with improved processes and services.

As for training and resources, part of our strategy is education. Idaho currently has no education requirements for management companies or community managers.

Yet all of our key staff all hold some sort of credential from CAI, and our goal is to expand that to all employees. Just as we invested in Nate's education when he was with us, we are committed to ensuring our staff is educated above-and-beyond industry standards, which we believe has contributed to our continued success.

I have been managing HOAs for over 11 years, and I founded Boardwalk six years ago. I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said we are perfect all the time.

We are human, and mistakes happen. One of the fundamental beliefs in our organization is if a mistake happens once, it's a mistake; if it happens twice, it's a decision.

Boardwalk is committed to ensuring that what our clients pay for is what they receive, This means evaluating the performance of our employees and, when necessary, making staffing changes to ensure we continue to meet our customers expectations and needs. This approach has enabled us to operate with a 98% customer retention rate.

to Ryan Martin Columbus, Mississippi, United States #1341413

Ryan does NOT welcome questions. In fact, he runs and hides from them.

Never has a turnover from the developer to the homeowners been so horrible for the newly appointed Board. The new Board was accused of wrong doing where there was none. Ryan canceled the contract mid month because the Board was asking questions. Ryan did not start this company, Don Hubble did.

Ryan just bought him out. I wonder why BAM "manages" most, if not all of Hubble's developments?

If you are smart, you will keep as far away from this management company as possible. Message me if you want to know more.

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