The internal management of this company recently changed and the new HOA representative is lazy and rude at best. All complaints made to her were either shrugged off as not important or deferred as she told us to seek an outside agency to handle the problems.

Kids throwing rocks at houses, crop duster planes buzzing the neighborhood at tree top-level, dogs running loose without leashes, people from other neighborhoods fishing in our ponds, 7-year-old kids riding dirt bikes down the streets at 35+ mph, parks and play areas full of sharp objects - trash - litter and picnic tables overturned by teenagers, and more.

Our property value will go down at Middleton Lakes - we urge all other HOA members to place similar complaints or comments about Boardwalk Idaho if they are unable or unwilling to do their job.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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Boardwalk handles our HOA and does a pretty good job. Most of the issues you mentioned are either law enforcement or Animal control issues, not Prop. Management.

Caldwell, Idaho, United States #873479

This is funny.. And so true.

They are so condescending.

I asked for an extension on the dues because I was short on cash. Since I was talking to someone, I asked when the fences were going to be restained and I was told that it wasn't in the budget because s I know people aren't paying their dues.

Middleton, Idaho, United States #865512

I love reading and replying to these things form time to time, because every once in a while, you stumble across a gem like this. .

. WTF would a management company have to do with any of the things you have issue with? You’re obviously out of touch with reality.

NONE of the things you listed have to do with property management—you know that, right? If there are kids vandalizing, fishermen poaching the pond, people littering, or motorcycles speeding down the street, you either pull up your granny panties and do something yourself, or freaking CALL THE POLICE!

Don’t be a chicken $h!t and sit behind a computer.

The clincher is your complaint on crop dusters. . . They’re crop dusters—they’re supposed to fly just above the trees.

If you don’t like it, move into town. You think an HOA management company should dictate air traffic? You think they should have the ability to strong arm someone outside the neighborhood and demand an agricultural cease-and-desist to? Really?

Seriously? While you’re on the soap box, are there any commercial flights you’d like rerouted? Any complaints about the weather you’d like someone to address? Any of this clicking?

Think about all that for a minute and feel free to comment when the *** bulb goes off in your head. . .

Finally, I have to take issue with your “anonymity.” I see it all the tie.

It’s weak. It’s pathetic. You have to be one ***-foot of a coward to cast stones and then not even have the nuts to post your identity. It’s sad.

It’s just really sad.

Let me guess. . . you’re the warped, frustrated, grouchy old coot that makes mountains out of molehills and has an ax to grind with everything under the sky, right?

Every neighborhood has at least one withered old clam like you. The world would be a better place if everyone lived the way you think they should live, wouldn’t it.

We get it. . .

. You’re a miser. A bully. You’re the home kids avoid at Halloween (which I’m sure is something else you take issue with) and the one at the annual HOA meetings with a laundry list of unfounded complaints about things like “the wind blows too hard—make it stop” or “There are too many days of the week that end in Y—please eliminate one.” .

. . .

You’re out of touch with reality, and anyone worth their salt reading the diarrhea spewing from your keyboard knows it. Regards— Henry Frapp

to Henry Frapp New York, New York, United States #890982

You know, IT'S VERY OBVIOUS that you work for BoardWalk Property Management of Idaho. How do I know this?

Because it's seen in the way you negatively responded to the initial complainant. As a matter of fact THAT'S ALL YOU DID! YOU NEVER ONCE STATED THAT YOU LIVED IN A PROPERTY MANAGED BY THEM! I won't even get into your pathetic rant, but all you did was have a hissy fit because someone was bold enough to tell the truth about your services.

I agree with the complaints regarding your company because unlike you, I've actually lived in property managed by your company! And oh yes... many of the issues brought up in this forum are valid and do violate the very Homeowners policy agreed to at the time of home purchase. Aren't you supposed to enforce such things?

Isn't that your job? Isn't that what we pay you for? Here's a tidbit for you - Do you know that certain people in various subdivisions own five and six dogs or have a huge mix of dogs and cats - hence the barking????? If you'd bothered to make yourself familiar with the HOA policies then you'd know that homeowners are only allowed 2 pets!

Isn't that a rule you're supposed to enforce? And if by chance the odd complaint does come up that is not under your authority to fix - can you blame them? Maybe everyone is tired of seeing their property values go down because no one is enforcing the rules? Maybe it's just one more thing to add to ever-growing list of problems associated with the properties you loosely mange.

Some of your subdivisions have homes that are four and five years old - without fences! Isn't that a part of the rules also? I can go on but why?

BTW, If you're all about honesty then why did you use a fake name? I looked up Henry Frapp and there is no one in the state of Idaho with that name!

to JKO Boise, Idaho, United States #913448

Ah nuts, I wish I would’ve found this sooner! You’re MUCH farther off your nut than I assumed.

It’s awesome. I’ll come visit ya in Never-never land when I need a break from reality.

But before I do, let’s do another round, shall we?

I understand you “won’t even get into my pathetic rant,” but by replying in the first place, isn’t that, by default, “getting into it”? C’mon, you gotta be on the ball if you’re gonna convince me the men in white coats aren’t waiting to take ya away.

OK, so first, don’t type in all caps. It hurts my ears.

Second, no, I do not work for a prop management company.

Do I sound like I’m management material? Truth be told, I’m not a fan of my own HOA. . .

I just know a self-centered, unreasonable person when I see (or read) one, and being the troll that I am—I gotta call you out on it. . . I originally found your post while looking for something else, if you can believe that (which you probably don’t.

Doesn’t sound like your noodle works that way).

Finally, I honestly can’t believe someone went through so much trouble to look up my name and still refuses to post their own. You know how much better served that time would’ve been had you used it to volunteer for a charity or something? (or maybe picked up the dog doo doo in your neighborhood—it sounds like you leave the place filthy). .

. Personally, I think it’s awesome there’s no one else with my name in Idaho—makes me more unique and special, yeah? I never would have known that without your help—THANK YOU MYSTERIOUS STRANGER! (too loud?) Check out the addy now.

. . I relocated, but be careful when you reach into that PO box. .

. Just for the record, there’s no one in New York, New York with the all-cap initials JKO, I checked. There’s an OKJ, a KJO and a KOJ, but not a JKO. So you’re special too!

People own five or six dogs? A “huge mix” of cats and dogs?!? (what unit of measurement is that anyway?) Oh gawd, can you imagine the food bill? Let me guess—you’re a cat person.

A home four or five years old without a fence!?! How will those five or six dogs know where the yard ends and the neighborhood begins?!? Ugh, those poor, poor confused dogs.

You’re still mad no kids came to your house for Halloween, aren’t you? Please resume staring into the corner or pooping down the chimney or whatever it is crazy people do on a Tuesday afternoon.

to Henry Frapp New York, New York, United States #913450

Hey JKO, I moved again! Let's be neighbor buddies and we can tag team reports about our neighbors when life doesn't go the way we like it! Yea for us!

to JKO New York, New York, United States #913453

whoop, almost forgot---be sure to tell all your drinking buddies to click the red down arrow on my posts. We've got to do what we can to make it feel like you have the upper hand here, cool?

I won't tell anyone if you don't tell anyone. . . It'll be our little inside joke when we hook up in New York, NY.

Can't wait. See ya soon, love ya lots.

to Henry Frapp Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, United States #940092

Awesome, you got some folks to click the down arrows. Now that's progress!

Fight the power with little red down arrows! The people have spoken!

(well, either that or you're logging on to different computers at the local library just so you can vote again, and again, and again. I think your screw is just loose enough for something like that).

Gimme a break.

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