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I've seen the half-baked rebuttle attempts from a "Henry Frappe" - so I thought I would join in and state that he - himself - said that he doesn't even live in the Middleton Lakes subdivision.

On the other hand, I am a new homeowner in this subdivision and I couldn't agree with the other complaint more. The first complaint is spot-on and many RENTERS in our neighborhood have the worst homes of them all. Yes - imagine - RENTERS bringing down the property value of the actual home owners.

But even worse than the renters is BOARDWALK IDAHO property management which is almost non-existent. With $400 x some 150 homes - you'd think they could keep this neighborhood looking better and enforce the rules we ALL agreed to. But no, they are just collecting a paycheck - and now - a bad name for themselves.

See the image of the weeds on my street - almost as high as the street sign. They are like that all over the neighborhood and even in some people's front and back yards. Yes, you can see WEEDS sticking over the fence of some residents yards and Willow Creek Road has at least 9 (NINE) portable basketball hoops on the sidewalks or in the streets. ....Mind you - it is now WINTER with SNOW on the ground and NO ONE is playing basketball. Even the local SEX OFFENDERS on E. Roselake Drive - Yes (check the Middleton Sex Offender registry) have a basketball hoop on the sidewalk.

Lazy - lazy - unprofessional property management - can't enforce the rules - won't enforce the rules - and hire whack jobs like "Henry Frappe" to fight their battles....rather than to fix the problems at hand.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of non enforcement of hoa rules. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss property management and associated monetary loss in the amount of $400. Boardwalk Association Management needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I live in Middleton Lakes and agree with most of what you said. They don't take care of the weeds and let dead bushes in public areas stay there. Wanted you to know that basketball hoops are allowed in streets per our HOA rules, just not in sidewalks.

Chiniak, Alaska, United States #940048

Oh man, this has been up since the beginning of January 4th?! You gotta tell me when you post these spineless diatribes.

I would’ve replied much, much sooner.

Half-baked attempts? No, they’re fully baked friend; cooked to an internal temp of 165 degrees F. But you lost me on the “he himself stated” part. I already admitted something, so you start a new thread to prove that I already admitted it?

I don’t get it.

Anyway, new homeowner, eh? Cool, congrats! Home ownership is a wonderful thing! So, you saw all these issues before you bought the home, and you bought the home anyway?

What's that say about you? And you type a bunch of words in all caps like the glue-sniffer from the original posts? Awesome, no problem! To each his own, right?

Welcome to the block party. I think you’ll find many, many equally-nutty companions not far away. Maybe on the same street or next-door if you’re lucky!

(I can tell you’re not familiar with sarcasm, so that was me saying “I don’t believe you” in a roundabout way)

What the heck, I’ll ***. I’ve got time and think you and I might just be an e-harmony match and not know it.

Let’s start again, from the top.

First, it’s Frapp, sans the “e.” I’m not an ice-filled coffee drink (unless you want me to be. Nudge-nudge, wink-wink). If you’re gonna scoop the story, at least spell the names correctly. That’s just 101.

Second, I feel bad you lost so much time researching my name, so I returned the favor. Guess what turd blossom—there’s no “Anonymous” in Middleton either. In fact, there’s nobody named Anonymous in Idaho. Weird, huh?

Maybe it’s time you own what you post. Third, you lost me on the part about sex offenders and basketballs. Sex offenders aren’t allowed to shoot hoops? And for that matter, why are you living in a neighborhood of sex offenders in the first place?

Seems like the kind of thing you’d check out before making such a big purchase, but I digress. Maybe you and I are more of an e-harmony match than I thought (sinner)! You write like a 12-year old; it confuses people. If you’re going to sway the majority, think before your fingers press the little letters.

There are some adult education courses that can help you with that. I suggest you enroll. The renters have the worst homes? Well no kidding; they’re renters.

You think renters care about improving your property value? That’s laughable (and in my limited knowledge, not an HOA management company problem). While you’re at it, ask a tenant what they think of HOA bylaws and let us know what they say. The location of your photo, taken last year (which is odd because I thought you were a “new” homeowner) is easy to find on Google.

To me, it looks like an unsold lot. Now, I don’t know much about HOAs or management companies, but using my own as an example, I can’t find any clause that says they’re responsible for maintaining neighborhood lots—so let’s just get down to brass tax. Copy-and-paste a citation from a legal document that shows us where this company isn’t following through. You think it needs to cut weeds in an unsold lot?

Well prove to me why it should? Show me the portion where it says an HOA management company is responsible for portable basketball hoops. Another “Anonymous” (couldn’t be you though, right?) has a hatred for crop-dusting airplanes—show me where the HOA management company agreed to direct air traffic! You say it’s lazy—but do you think companies should have to do things they didn’t agree (and therefore aren’t paid) to do?

If so, maybe I'm wrong and Idaho is more blue than I thought. I get the impression you’re one of those “it’s not me; it’s you” people that sits behind the front window, squinting through a pair of binoculars, so you can anonymously criticize all you think is wrong with the world. You think you’re doing people a service but you’re not; I have yet to see a single fact posted on any of these threads. Your neighborhood is a reflection of you.

You can blame the renters and sex addicts as much as you want, remain anonymous and throw stones, but you’re just muckraking for the sake of muckraking. It’s not honorable; it’s cowardly. The world doesn’t stop and revolve the way “anonymous” thinks it should. Think about all the time you’ve wasted nitpicking and all the energy you could’ve spent doing better things.

Then go do those things. Roll up your sleeves and quit projecting. Finally, I don’t get paid a penny for this. Wish I did, cause with crackpots like you, I’d be wealthier than a crooked republican.

Nope, I just know a whacko when I see one.

A spade is a spade. Think of it as a public service :)

to Henry Frapp Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States #945050

I really don't understand; people clicking little arrows cause they think it makes a difference? If you have something to contribute to the discussion, then post it.

Do you honestly think you're making a difference because you can point the little mouse button on a red arrow? It's as cowardly and trite as a post from "Anonymous," the masked HOA management vigilante who likely thinks the sex-crazed thugs in his neighborhood are responsible for the sky being blue.

to Henry Frapp Middleton, Idaho, United States #945287

Henry Crapp, the under-paid one-man-band trying to save Boardwalk Idaho property management is really just helping to bury them more. Not a thing between those two ears and if you stand close to him on a windy day - you can hear a slight "whistle" as the wind blows through his thick cranium.

I too am a home owner in Middleton Lakes and I wholeheartedly thank "anonymous" for bringing things to light around here.

It is true, I counted 18 portable basketball hoops in just one section of the neighborhood this morning. All on the sidewalk facing the street - all with either big rocks or sandbags or cinder blocks weighing them down...and all of them looking ratty as h*** with NOT ONE kid playing basketball. Why doesn't America just make it standard to build new homes with permanent basketball hoops by each mailbox.

Anonymous is right, I was at the last Boardwalk Idaho meeting and it was pathetic. Those running the show were sloppy and had a fixed agenda - none of which, by the way, was aimed at fielding comments or concerns from the residents.

They got out of there as soon as they could.

So, went I searched for "Boardwalk Idaho" on Google to contact them - I saw the Pissed-Consumer search results instead.

Maybe if all of the residents start posting problems here - they will get addressed sooner than if you beg to "Boardwalk Idaho" and grow old waiting for them to do something about it.

As far as Henry Crapp - well, at least he is amusing but (1) he does not live in our neighborhood and (2) he does not have a brain or a life. I will tell my neighbors on WillowCreek about this pissed-consumer site and they can add their own issues as well.

to Cindy Lexa, Arkansas, United States #945617

Nice play on the name. Haven’t heard that once since Junior High.

Stay classy Cindy.

So now there’s 18 portable hoops? The number of sex offending ballers has doubled since Anonymous posted in early January? Wow, maybe we’ll be seeing some NBA draft prospects out of Middleton sometime in a few years? But you make it sound like if there’s a hoop, a kid must play ball, right?

I just looked out my window and my neighbors a few houses down have a portable hoop in their driveway, and nobody is showing off their skills. . . I understand it’s early in the morning, there’s frost on the ground, and most people are probably relaxing---but there’s a hoop, and not one ball in sight.

. . I’m sounding the alarm and calling the basketball police. The madness ends now.

Anyway, I said it once, and I’ll say it again, I don’t know a thing about Boardwalk.

I don’t like HOAs. I don’t like management. I don’t like riding my bike in the snow. But what I really don’t like Cindy (very cool that you used your first name, but no last?) are people that get off on trying to “rally the troops” with opinions, falsehoods and unsupported facts.

Maybe Anonymous is Brian Williams in disguise; and if not, there’s a spot opening up on the Nightly News he might like to apply for.

So, you went to a meeting, good for you. I think that if you’re going to be an active member of your neighborhood, you should go. Applause applause. However, please share more about the concerns you had?

If it had anything to do with basketball, crop dusters, unsold & unmowed lots, sex offenders, dirt-bike speeding youngsters, or vandalizing teenagers, then they were right to usher out the door. I would too. None of that has anything to do with HOA management—a point your neighborhood seems to be struggling to grasp. In fact, while a few of your issues are better suited for law enforcement, the rest of your gripes have nothing to do with anything.

A fixed agenda? Generally when you run a meeting, you have an agenda to discuss; otherwise, why have a meeting? You sound like Anonymous; a lot of griping but no specifics. Nice.

Please refer to my post above.

Cite the exact language in your HOA policy that conflicts with your HOA mgmt company’s actions (or refusal to act), and I’ll yield. I don’t need to live in your neighborhood to have an issue with the mud you sling, right? As for having a brain or a life, well, my wife says you’re probably right on both counts. But at least I’ve got stones.

Using a medium like this to try to sway change is cowardly and weak.

FYI—it’s hard not to notice that you too type in big caps like Anonymous, and like the original post, you mention Willow Creek road. This couldn’t be another feeble attempt by Anonymous to post under an alias?

Would it? Nah, that would lack integrity, and Anonymous is above that.

to Cindy Austin, Texas, United States #945621

More Red Arrows!! More Red Arrows!! More Red Arrows!

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