Boulder Creek, California

I was in line for a ride with my child when your security came up and said I was about to get kicked out for how I was talking to my children when all I was trying to do was get them pumped up for the ride. The people behind us created a story that wasn't true because they were mad we got in front of them and then I got treated like I criminal when I was just trying to take my children on rides!

I am very upset and I almost got kicked out by their word instead of my

Own accord because they were mad about the line situation. I had to waste my money and remove my children because I was being harassed by your security. So now my children and I cannot have a fun time because people want to getaway about lines and make up lies about people? So if someone doesn't like the line and they say something you harass a family until they leave because that is what happened to me and my children even after I paid for my rights to let them have fun.

I hope this is addressed because if not I am bringing my harrasement case to higher officials. My kids deserve to have fun without being treated like this for no real reason other than speculation and reason....

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